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Black Dyed Fluted Panel

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Black Dyed MDF Fluted Wall Panel

Total estimated wait time for fluted panels: 5 – 10 Working Days.

We are working our hardest to provide the most accurate service and would not want to compensate accuracy for time.

Current Flute Size:

43mm width of flute (start of peak to start of peak), 12mm depth, 19mm thick (panel)

For bespoke sizes, please contact: with precise dimensions and a drawing.



Discover Our Exquisite Black Dyed Fluted Panel

Elevate your space with the effortless elegance of our Black Dyed Fluted Panel. Perfect for creating stunning 3D wall designs, these panels combine beauty, functionality, and simplicity in installation, making them ideal for both residential and commercial interiors.

Premium Decorative Black Dyed MDF Fluted Panel

With standard dimensions of 2400 x 580 mm and a thickness of 19 mm, these panels are designed to withstand the humid climate of the UK, ensuring long-lasting durability. Perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, offices, and retail spaces, they offer a robust and elegant solution.

Customisable Fluted Patterns

Design with flexibility using our Black Dyed Fluted Panels. Currently, the panels feature flutes running parallel to the long dimension, creating a continuous, seamless look that enhances wall depth and texture.

Precise Flute Measurements

Each panel is crafted with precision for uniformity and consistency. The flute measurements are:

  • Width of Flute: 43 mm (from the start of one peak to the start of the next)
  • Peak Width: 5 mm
  • Depth: 12 mm
  • Thickness: 19 mm

Panel Dimensions

  • Size: 2400 x 580 mm
  • Thickness: 19 mm

Finishing Touches

Our panels come unfinished, allowing you to customise the finish to your aesthetic preferences. To protect and enhance the panels, apply a sealant or oil of your choice. This ensures long-lasting durability and a polished appearance.

Prevent Bowing

For optimal installation, secure the panels to the wall using both screws and adhesive. This method provides a stronger and more secure hold than adhesives alone. While we strive to deliver straight panels, the natural properties of the materials mean absolute straightness cannot be guaranteed. Proper installation techniques can significantly reduce any potential bowing.

Enhance Your Interior Design with Black Dyed Fluted Panels

Combining aesthetic appeal, robust construction, and ease of installation, our Black Dyed Fluted Panels are perfect for any design project. Whether you seek a modern, minimalist look or a traditional, textured appearance, these panels offer a versatile solution.

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Additional information

Dimensions 2400 × 580 × 19 mm

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