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I want to bring to your attention the newest addition to our product portfolio, PremLine. So, in essence in Europe, PET foils are used widely for furniture production but not so much in the UK, more so due to the awareness of the product. PET has performance benefits over Melamine, Acrylic and UV lacquered products. The range is 17 decors all stocked in the UK. With finishes from High Gloss to ultra matt and synchronised woodgrains to brushed metal, the range is really unique and exciting. We have designed the range to have numerous unique selling points –

FSC Certified As Standard
Sheet Format of 3050 x 1220 x 18mm – Great yield!
Everything is double sided so ideal for any furniture application.
On a hybrid core, MDF and Chipboard – Flatness, clean cut, and impact resistance of MDF but the fixability and weight saving of chipboard… Win Win!
Exclusive textures.
Matching 1mm ABS Edging.


Prem Line was born in 2006 from the creativity, passion and perseverance of Vanni Pedron who,
from the experience gained in 40 years of work within the furniture industry, gave life to a new
entrepreneurial activity in which creative flair, design research, analysis, selection and attention to
detail are combined in the processing of PET surfaces. His passion is passed on and shared by his
children Laura and Stefano who have supported him since the beginning.
Today Prem Line is one of the leading companies in Italy in the production of PET decorative
surfaces. A record that over the years has spread beyond national borders and which today
boasts a presence in more than 25 countries on 4 continents, demonstrating the company’s
international vision.

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