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Our offers for Cut to Size MDF and MFC boards

MDF cut to size opens up a world of possibilities for various woodworking projects,

At JustMDF, our goal is to make it simple, quick, and easy for anyone to order MDF cut to size and have it delivered in a timely fashion.

Made to measure kitchen doors

We offer more than 130 various MDF board types If you can’t find your board or your size on the website ask a question

At JustMDF, our goal is to make it simple, quick, and easy for anyone to order MDF cut to size and have it delivered in a timely fashion.
We find it important to make sure our customers have minimal fuss when processing orders, and this applies no matter what shape, size, or thickness of MDF you need. We’re confident that we can fulfil your order no matter how large or specific it is.
Our knowledge of the MDF market helps us deliver excellent customer service every time.

What is MDF?

MDF is typically created by bonding together wood fibres with a synthetic resin adhesive. The most common binder is known as area formaldehyde. MEDITE PREMIER MDF is produced using superior wood refining technology and specially designed resins. Excellent face properties make it suitable for the thinnest laminates and surface coatings. End-users enjoy consistency of quality and thickness, as well as reduced tool wear. Its weight advantages open new design possibilities in many applications.

It has been developed specifically for use in situations where formaldehyde is a consideration, and work best in non-stressed applications. In most common MDF panels, formaldehyde is used as a glue to create a strong bond within the wood, thus giving them their structural rigidity. However, formaldehyde can be trapped in the wood and emitted as a gas later, making it unsuitable for use in environmentally sensitive area

What is a MFC Board

MFC Eurodekor decor chipboard is the standard board for furniture and interior design. Eurospan rawboard is used as a support material for dry interiors and is enhanced with a decorative melamine resin coating. The standard board Eurodekor E1 P2 is available in 130 decor and texture combinations. Eurodekor is also available in E1 P3 and Flammex (flame-retardant).

Can I order MDF or MFC that is cut to size?

Yes, if you need a cut-to-size MDF board or other type of board we are here to do it for you as soon as possible. In the above category, select the type of board, enter the size, choose the thickness and we will cut it, then deliver it to your door

Can I order a different type of furniture board besides the MDF boards?

Our website is currently being worked on we may not have all of the boards as an option just yet.

If you do not see the board you would like in our section box please contact us and we will do anything we can to try and acquire the board to provide you with the best service possible.

Order process

Our order process is efficient for our customers. These are the few steps between ordering and the delivery.

All orders are confirmed via email. You will receive a thank you for ordering email along with your order number, type of board, size & address

All orders are brought to life within 2-5 working days.

Who we are?

We are a family run business with a wealth of expertise. Our workshop is based in Northampton. We sell full-size boards or work with customers to create custom pieces to their specific requirements.