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Acrylic MDF Matt Finish

Furniture boards have never been so deep, velvety and smooth to the touch. Moreover, they are technologically adapted to the requirements of the furniture industry (resistance to scratches and fingerprints). The boards and fronts from the velvet collection by Forner, are a product that combines luxurious appearance and durability. Daily use and maintenance of the product is much simpler compared to other products on the market. They will also last much longer. The collection palette consists of Various ultra-matte colours. They fit both industrial and more classic or Scandinavian interiors. If you are looking for an extraordinary material for your furniture, then Velvet panels are the perfect solution.
Below you can choose the size of the mdf board you need for your project. We will cut it to size and deliver it as soon as possible so that your erased project does not wait too long for a response.
You have a choice of a whole sheet of mdf or cut to size. The thickness of the Velvet board is only available in a thickness of 19mm.
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Perfect Sense acrylic matt boards are wooden-like products created by taking an MDF base and covering it in pleasant silk-like material to create the velvet ultra matt finish.
Our company provides a choice of either full boards or cut to size furniture. The materials to allow clients to select the best option for their chosen application. Whichever option is chosen, our customers will receive the highest quality martials which will give them the aesthetic they are looking to achieve.
Key Features:
Choosing acrylic boards has many benefits, the main ones have been listed below:

Long lasting colours
Anti-fingerprint technology
Quick manufacturer process
Scratch Resistant
Very easy to clean

Due to the fantastic key features of the Velvet acrylic boards, they are most used for:

Sink Units

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