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Factory Primed MDF Board

Moisture-resistant MDF was created especially for use in places with relatively high air humidity. The moisture-resistant boards are distinguished by a green colour. Moisture-resistant MDF is characterised by a low level of swelling and water absorption. The boards can be used to produce kitchen and bathroom furniture, floors and doors as well as many others. As it is a board with increased resistance to moisture, it can be used in more extreme conditions than a standard MDF board.

However, if it is used in places where it is often exposed to water (e.g. kitchen, bathroom or some construction applications), during the processing process, the edge should be carefully protected to prevent water from entering the interior of the panel.
Below you can choose the size of the MDF board you need for your project. We will cut it and deliver it as soon as possible so that your erased project does not wait too long for a response.

You have a choice of a whole sheet of MDF or cut to size,  MDF board thickness from 6mm to 25mm.

MDF MR are boards for load-bearing use in dry and humid conditions due to their moisture resistant properties. MDF MR are manufactured in compliance with EN 622-5 as MDF.HLS type and are defined as structural components for use in humid conditions for instantaneous or short-term periods of load only.

Boards are particularly suitable for construction applications that require panels with high load-bearing capacity and moisture resistance and for a wide range of interior applications. The product is suitable for further processing and painting. Boards are produced with green-coloured fibre as standard.

Standard – EN 316; EN 622-5

Emission Class – E1 (EN 120)


The most common uses for of medite moisture resistant MDF are:

Kitchen furniture

Bathroom furniture

Interior joinery

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