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H1367 Light Natural Casella Oak Egger Decor



Casella Oaks: Authenticity and Naturalness

New Simplicity in Design with H1367 Light Natural Casella Oak

Discover the perfect blend of authenticity and simplicity with H1367 Light Natural Casella Oak. This elegant decor offers a naturally beautiful floret pattern in soft hues, providing versatile options for modern color combinations.

ST40 Feelwood Oakgrain: Natural Elegance

The ST40 Feelwood Oakgrain enhances the H1367 Light Natural Casella Oak with a synchronized matt-in-matt pore, creating the realistic appearance of an oiled veneer. This texture captures the essence of natural wood, adding depth and character to any design.

H1367 : Warm and Inviting

H1367  stands out in this decor series with its light, warm colorway. It’s perfect for creating inviting spaces that feel both modern and timeless.

Eurodekor Melamine Faced Chipboard: The Standard in Interior Design

Eurodekor melamine faced chipboard is a top choice for furniture and interior design. The Eurospan chipboard E1 P2 CE serves as a coreboard for dry interiors, finished with a decorative melamine resin coating. The Eurodekor E1 P2 standard board is available in 229 decor and texture combinations from the EGGER Decorative Collection.

Applications and Advantages


  • Furniture carcasses
  • Furniture fronts
  • Furniture parts


  • Authentic Surface Textures: Features like Feelwood provide a realistic and appealing finish.
  • Durable Surface Properties: Exceptional abrasion and scratch resistance, compliant with EN14322 standards.
  • Easy Maintenance: Simple to process, maintain, and clean.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Made from recyclable materials.
  • Ready to Use: No need for additional oils or protective measures.
  • Antibacterial Surface: Meets ISO 22196 standards for hygiene.

H1367 offers a seamless blend of natural beauty and modern functionality. Whether you’re designing furniture or interior spaces, this decor provides an elegant and durable solution. Explore the possibilities with H1367  and elevate your design with its warm, inviting tones and high-quality finish.

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