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Plywood FSC

Koala FSC Plywood: Ethically Sourced and High-Quality

Plywood FSC is crafted from thin layers of wood veneer, glued with grains rotated up to 90 degrees. This ensures strength and stability.

Key Features

  • Reliably, ethically, and legally sourced: FSC plantation-grown hardwood throughout.
  • Consistent appearance and performance: Clean faces mean less remedial work and a better finish.
  • Flat and stable: Ideal for various structural applications.


  • Sizes: Available from 5.5mm to 25mm, 2440x1220mm.
  • Material: Hardwood Plywood Eucalyptus T/O, glue EN314-2 class 2, EN636-2S, EN13986 CE2+.
  • Certifications: CE2+ structural form from 9mm upwards, FSC 100% TT-COC-001089.

Choose koala plywood for reliable, high-quality, and ethically sourced plywood for your next project.

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