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Plywood FSC Full size board

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FSC Plywood

Sizes:  1220mmx2440mm

Thicknesses: 5.5mm to 25mm

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FSC  Plywood

Plywood is a material manufactured from thin layers or “plies” of wood veneer that are glued together with adjacent layers having their wood grain rotated up to 90 degrees to one another.

Reliably, ethically and legally sourced
FSC Plantation grown Hardwood Throughout
Consistent in appearance and performance
Clean faces meaning less remedial work and better Finnish
Flat and stable
CE 2+ structural form 9mm upwards

Sizes From 5.5mm – 25mm 2440×1220

Hardwood Plywood Eucalyptus T/O, glue EN314-2 class2, EN636-2S, EN13986 CE2+ FSC 100% TT-COC-001089