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Walnut Veneered Natural MDF Board Cut 2 Size

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Walnut Veneered MDF Cut 2 Size

Thicknesses: 6mm to 30mm

Great for:
Wall panelling / doors
Kitchen cabinets
Dining tables
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Walnut Veneered MDF provides an amazing alternative to solid wood and is used as a wood substitute in a variety of applications. MDF sheets are constructed by bonding wood fibres together using resin. A veneer coating is applied to each side to create veneered MDF sheets. The edges of the MDF sheets are left exposed, or an edging strip is applied with an iron to provide a uniform colour and finish.

Key Features:

The main key features of veneered materials is:

Very versatile


Tough material

Due to these key features, it is great for:

Wall panelling, doors


Kitchen cabinets

Dining tables

Note: The veneered coating is not covered with any clear coat/ protective solution. We sell this product in its raw state. This allows for various oils/dyes to be used to achieve your preferred look. Before any application of oils/ dyes is applied, you need to sand the board down with 320 grit sandpaper with motions going in the same direction as the grains of wood.

Why Choose Us:

At JustMDF, our goal is to make it simple, quick, and easy for anyone to order MDF cut to size and have it delivered in a timely fashion. We find it important to make sure our customers have minimal fuss when processing orders, and this applies no matter what shape, size, or thickness of MDF you need. We’re confident that we can fulfil your order no matter how large or specific it is. Our knowledge of the MDF market helps us deliver excellent customer service every time.

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