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V-Groove Wall Panels Made to Measure

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V-Groove wall panels.

Made to measure; we can make any size between 1200mm Width x 2400mm long or the other way . 
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V-Groove wall panels.

Made to measure; we can make any size between 1200mm wide and 2400mm high

In this scenario the V-groove pattern will be spread to get even spaces between the grooves on all the panel Usually we try achieving distance around 100mm between the grooves, by the way in here you have choice too.  During the order, please let us know how big distance between the grooves would you like have, then we try made as close as your request at the same time achieve even distances,

All the panels made are from Moisture Resistance MDF board

All made to measure panels are (unpainted – unfinished),

You need to prime and paint to finish the panel at your required colour.


Why Choose Us:

At JustMDF, our goal is to make it simple, quick, and easy for anyone to order MDF cut to size and have it delivered in a timely fashion. We find it important to make sure our customers have minimal fuss when processing orders, and this applies no matter what shape, size, or thickness of MDF you need. We’re confident that we can fulfil your order no matter how large or specific it is. Our knowledge of the MDF market helps us deliver excellent customer service every time. You can choose a whole sheet of MDF or cut to size,

MDF board thickness from 3mm to 30mm