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Perfect Sense Gloss Full Size Board

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Perfect Sense in Premium Gloss Finish

Board Thickness: 19mm

MDF cut to size opens up a world of possibilities for various woodworking projects, including:

  • Cabinet making: Create custom cabinets with precision-cut MDF panels.
  • Furniture manufacturing: Design and build sleek and contemporary furniture pieces using accurately cut MDF components.
  • Shelving and storage systems: Construct efficient and space-saving storage solutions with customized MDF boards.
  • Decorative elements: Cut intricate shapes and patterns for decorative wall panels, mouldings, or intricate detailing in architectural projects.




PerfectSense in Premium Gloss impresses with its special gloss surface and reflective nature. Until now, these special properties were only available in very expensive materials such as glass. The homogeneous MDF material as a coreboard has a positive effect on the properties of the high-end surface.

Exclusive interior design
Kitchen fronts
Bathroom furniture
Living room and bedroom
Sliding door elements
Mirror finish and noble reflective nature
Optimised size format
Resistant to common stains
Resistant to many cleaning agents
Resistant to heat and moisture
Improved surface properties in terms of micro-scratch and scratch resistance
Antibacterial surface property according to ISO 22196 (= JIS Z 2801)