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Moisture Resistant MDF Full Size Board

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The most common uses for of medite moisture resistant MDF :

  • Flooring
  • Kitchen furniture
  • Bathroom furniture
  • Interior joinery


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Moisture-Resistant MDF: Ideal for High-Humidity Areas

What is Moisture-Resistant MDF?

Moisture-resistant MDF is specifically designed for use in environments with relatively high air humidity. Distinguished by its green color, this type of MDF board is characterized by a low level of swelling and water absorption. It is perfect for creating kitchen and bathroom furniture, floors, doors, and many other applications. Due to its enhanced resistance to moisture, it can withstand more extreme conditions than standard MDF boards.

Usage Tips for Moisture-Resistant MDF

When using moisture-resistant MDF in areas frequently exposed to water, such as kitchens and bathrooms, it is crucial to protect the edges during the processing process to prevent water from entering the interior of the panel. Proper edge sealing ensures the longevity and durability of the board in high-moisture environments.

Custom Cut-to-Size Moisture-Resistant MDF

Choose Your MDF Board Size

Select the size of the moisture-resistant MDF board you need for your project below. We offer quick cutting and delivery services to ensure your project stays on track. You can choose from a whole sheet of MDF or custom cut-to-size options, with board thickness ranging from 3mm to 30mm.

Benefits of MDF MR Boards

Load-Bearing and Moisture-Resistant

MDF MR boards are suitable for load-bearing use in both dry and humid conditions due to their moisture-resistant properties. Manufactured in compliance with EN 622-5 as MDF.HLS type, these boards are defined as structural components for use in humid conditions for instantaneous or short-term periods of load only.

Versatile Medite MR Panels

Medite MR panels offer versatility and are suitable for various applications. With Medite MR, buyers can enjoy all the regular benefits of MDF with added moisture resistance. These boards are particularly suitable for construction applications requiring high load-bearing capacity and moisture resistance, as well as a wide range of interior applications. They are also ideal for further processing and painting, produced with green-colored fibers as standard.

Standards and Certifications

  • Standard: EN 316; EN 622-5
  • Emission Class: E1 (EN 120)

Common Applications for Medite Moisture-Resistant MDF

  • Flooring
  • Kitchen Furniture
  • Bathroom Furniture
  • Interior Joinery

Why Choose JustMDF?

At JustMDF, our goal is to make ordering MDF cut-to-size simple, quick, and easy. We ensure minimal fuss during the order processing, no matter the shape, size, or thickness of MDF you need. Our extensive knowledge of the MDF market helps us deliver excellent customer service every time. We are confident that we can fulfill your order, no matter how large or specific it is. Choose JustMDF for reliable, high-quality moisture-resistant MDF delivered to your door.