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MDF Fluted Panels 3D Wall Panels

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Fluted MDF Wall Panels

Available in 2440x1220mm MDF Fluted Panels, with thickness options ranging from 9mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm

Total estimated wait time for fluted panels: 5 – 10 Working Days.

We are working our hardest to provide the most accurate service and would not want to compensate accuracy for time.

Current Flute Sizes:

Standard: 17mm width of flute, 3-4mm peaks, 4mm depths

Wide: 24mm width of flute, 3-4mm peaks, 4mm depths




Looking for premium fluted wall panels? Explore our MDF Fluted Panels, a hassle-free solution for crafting exquisite 3D wall panels in a fluted design.

Our Decorative Fluted MDF Wall Panels are available in full-size 8×4 or 2440x1220mm dimensions, with thickness options of 9mm, 12mm, 15mm, and 18mm. We also offer tailored panels to meet your precise requirements.

Crafted from high-quality Moisture Resistant MDF, our panels are well-suited for the UK’s humid climate. You have the flexibility to choose between portrait (lines along the long side of the sheet) or landscape (lines along the short side of the sheet) fluted patterns.

The 6-9mm thickness options are perfect for wall paneling, while the 18-22mm options are ideal for cupboard and wardrobe doors. Each pack includes one panel, ensuring top-notch quality for your project. Contact us today to request a quote for your custom panels.

Flute measurements: 17 or 24mm width, 4mm depth, 3-4mm peaks.

Fluted panels may exhibit a propensity for bowing as a result of the substantial material removal from the board’s face. To mitigate bowing, affixing the panels to the wall using screws rather than relying solely on adhesives is recommended. While we endeavour to deliver straight panels, it is important to note that due to inherent material characteristics, achieving absolute straightness is not guaranteed.

Please note that our boards are designed with the first flutes trimmed on each edge (both vertically and horizontally). In case of any damage, kindly provide clear photos in your email or message. If an incorrect size was ordered or if the product description was not thoroughly reviewed, a new order will need to be placed, or you may contact us for further assistance.