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Kitchen Doors with Lacobele Glass Inserts

Varnished Plexi fronts with a Lacobel insert

The PLEXI front for kitchen furniture in the colour chosen by the customer is the perfect choice for a kitchen in a modern and Scandinavian style.

PLEXI front in the colour chosen by the customer makes it look great in combination with both light and dark arrangements. A big advantage is the handle in the form of a milling cutter with a black lacobel insert, which makes the front look elegant and also gives the kitchen a modern, non-repetitive look.

The fronts are varnished, so it is an excellent choice for people who value simplicity and elegance. The uniform surface of the fronts will also appeal to people who like ascetic interiors. Thanks to high resistance to moisture, varnished fronts are perfect for kitchens, bathrooms and wardrobes.

They are made of MDF MR board (water-resistant MR medium-density fibreboard) covered with several layers of varnish that gives colour to the fronts and protects them against moisture.

The PLEXI front in combination with countertops and other elements of the kitchen furniture diversifies the interior and gives a great opportunity to build your own unique style.

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